Manohara Claimed been Kidnapped by Kelantan’s Prince


Manohara Odelia Pinot claimed been kidnapped by Kelantan’s Prince Tengku Temenggong Muhamad Fakhry (Malaysia). This kidnapping happened in Jeddah when Manohara, Daisy (Manohara’s mother) and the Prince (followed by his staff) were about leaving back to Indonesia as they finished doing Umrah. Soon as they arrived in Airport, Manohara and her mother delivered directly to infront Jet Challenger 300 owned by Berjaya Air, Aircraft Reg 9MTAN which piloted by Captain Zakaria Saleh.

As they arrived infront the Jet’s door, Manohara firstly invited to walk up into the Jet. But when it’s Daisy’s turn, suddenly the door closed and seemed like the pilot didn’t care that there were 3 people left behind. When Daisy tried to stop it and screamed calling out her daughter, she said the wing of the Jet was nearly hit her and the car they rode by. There she saw her daughter was being pressed by some people in the plane.
Manohara and Tengku Temenggong Muhamad Fakhry married on August 2008. That time, Manohara was still 16,5 years old. It said that as they get married, Manohara once told her mother that she found many awkwardness in Tengku’s attitude and it’s absolutely opposite with Tengku they knew before and far before they get married. Those marks on her chest are as an evidence and the reason why eventually Manohara ran away, back to Indonesia.

Tengku Temenggong Muhamad Fakhry and his people were tricky tried to take her back. By inviting Manohara and her mother to fly for Jeddah to do umrah, there they managed a plan on the way flying back to Indonesia.

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